Your own personal frequency

Your own personal frequency

By admin on 26 July 2017 in Our APP

If there is one thing that is certain in life, it is that everything vibrates continuously – that is, vibrates. Everything around us is energy: everything consists of vibrating molecules and atoms.

The air you breathe and even your thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) are made up of and because of energy.

Every vibration has a certain frequency (so do you). The interesting thing is that different aspects of you can vibrate at different frequencies. You can have a very high vibration in your career and be the chairman of the board of a multinational, but at the same time vibrate physically at a very low frequency, be overweight and have unhealthy diets. You can vibrate spiritually at a very high frequency and experience compassion and bliss while your relationship is constantly at loggerheads because of your low vibration in that area. In short, it is essential that you manage your vibration in all areas of life.

Each vibrational frequency has an energy gate to the next layer. Writing a book, for example, is one such gateway. As soon as you have published a book you vibrate (within that aspect) at a different frequency and you attract other people and experiences: think of co-authors, publishers and so on.

An important, complex project at work can be the energy gate to the next career frequency. Optimizing your body can mean the gateway to a whole new fit and energetic physical frequency. If you see it this way, it can be very motivating to make what you put off in front of you come true. It is the gateway to a new phase in your life, one step closer to your goal.

Strategy & Action:

Map out the approximate frequency at which you vibrate per area of ​​life. Within the Bridgeman Method we distinguish ten life areas: Personal growth, Health & physical, Relationships & love, Professional development & career, Spiritual development, Education and courses, Finance, Self-confidence & challenges in life, Home & family and Giving & contributing to the world. Check per area of ​​life what it takes to get to the next frequency and see if it is one of the projects that you are postponing. Use this information to motivate you!

~ Robert Bridgeman


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