What we do

"Terra Nova is a symbol of the free world."

Robert & Monique

Do you want to take a life-changing retreat in a magical place in the south of France? Whether you want to follow our exclusive transformation retreat, a transformation experience, a mountain retreat or a masterclass from a top teacher; you are most welcome.

Terra Nova is a complete center where you are central. We are here for you to experience a relaxing, educational and transformative week. The retreats can be found in the agenda. Is a retreat full? Then send an email to and we will put you on a waiting list.

At Terra Nova we offer seven types of weeks:


Transformation Exclusive – by Robert Bridgeman

Your life will never be the same after this week. You will be immersed in a series of transformative sessions and get breakthrough after breakthrough.


Transformation Exclusive – Only for women – by Monique van Leeuwen

The energy of women among each other is deeper and softer than when there are men. Feel safe and embedded in the deep transformation and balance between your masculine and feminine sides.


Transformation Experience – by Terra Nova Coaches

Do you want a week of deep transformation from the power of the group? Cosiness, relaxation and deepening? Then this is your week.


Robert Bridgeman's Co-Labs with other teachers

Robert regularly gives co-labs together with befriended teachers. The annual Free Flow with Roy Martina and Janosh is an example of this.


Masterclasses from top teachers

Terra Nova is a wonderful place to give and receive masterclasses. That is why we regularly invite teachers to take you through their expertise.


Transformation Mountain Retreats in the Pyrenees – by Terra Nova Coaches

The magic of the mountains is transformative in itself. If you also combine transformation sessions with mountain walks and cave descents, you will come even deeper into yourself.


Retreats of teachers who rent Terra Nova

Terra Nova is hired a few times a year by various top teachers. Think of Marleen van den Hout, Brahman Menor and others.