Our team

The team at Terra Nova embodies the New Earth. We hold space, keep the Center and co-exist in a loving connection. Besides our permanent residents, we have people volunteering on and off for garden chores, handiwork at the Center while at the same time working on themselves. Together we hold ceremonies and rituals to connect with each other, with the earth and with the land’s natural spirits.

We treat each other and everyone that joins us with respect, love, integrity, vulnerability, and loving kindness. Are you interested in joining us as volunteer for work in our garden, at the center or out in the field? Then please send us an email on info@terranova.center.

We will be happy to introduce our team to you!

Robert Bridgeman & Monique van Leeuwen

Robert and Monique met each other 10 years ago. Their journey together started right from that moment onward and they quickly discovered a shared goal: helping people and uniting the world in harmony. They spent 2 years in Vietnam where they opened a center. It is there that their passion for global harmony grew. After coming back to Holland and bringing 3 sons into this world, they pursued their passion and further developed the Bridgeman organisation. One dream remained however: to run a center abroad, where the collective consciousness of mankind is the focus. The realisation of that dream is Terra Nova, partly through the support of a great deal of loving people.

Robert is speaker, author, coach and trainer. He is also the creator of a number of documentaries. Monique is coach for women, doula and yoga teacher. She is also in the process of writing her first book. Both of them love inspiring others. They bought Terra Nova not for themselves, but rather to share with the entire world.

Robert: ‘Terra Nova is a magical place. The history can be felt everywhere and the energy has immense power.’

Monique: ‘Add to that the beauty and the vastness of the region and you are left with a wonderful place for retreats.’

Robert: ‘Terra Nova has all the facilities you might need in order to create magical and successful retreats. Besides that we are both highly experienced in this area too. We will do our utmost to facilitate and support you.’

Monique: ‘As an extra advantage: the total silence here. You can come back to yourself completely at this beautiful spot. To us, this is a dream that we love to share with you.’

Wereldbol Terra nova

Ché Zen, Luca & Rafa

Robert and Monique have three boys: Ché Zen (2012), Luca (2014) and Rafa (2018). They live with their parents in the house adjacent to the Center and are enjoying nature, the spacious area and each other. They know that they are not allowed in or even near the Center when there are resident groups and most of the time, they stick to this. At the same time, they remain children; with a healthy form of curiosity that sometimes gets the better of them.
The participants are of course aware of them and observe the occasional appearance of one of the little ones with a warm smile.
Ché Zen and Luca attend a nearby primary school every day except Wednesdays. Their favourite outing is with mum and dad into the mountains.
The participants that meet them learn to their surprise that these little guys can actually teach them a lot, in spite of their young ages.

Wereldbol Terra nova
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