Travel information

Hoe reis je naar Terra Nova?

“Wherever you go, somehow becomes a part of you.”


Terra Nova can be reached in several ways. The fastest is perhaps the plane, but we encourage our participants to ride together or come by train. This is better for the environment and fun too!

When registering for a retreat, the question is asked how a participant wants to travel to Terra Nova. There you can indicate whether someone comes by car, wants to drive, comes by train or by plane. When someone indicates that they want to travel together, we ensure that other participants can be contacted so that the carpool can be coordinated.

Terra Nova is easily accessible by train. There are night trains, so you can sleep well at night. There are several train stations nearby. Such as Carcassonne, Mirepoix and Bram. You can book train tickets via the following websites. You have to come to Terra Nova from the train station yourself with a taxi.

Another option is to travel to Toulouse Airport. You can then travel the last part with the participants who come by plane and rent a car there. You can discuss this in advance in the app group that is always started.


Terra Nova can also be reached by bus. You can travel to Toulouse by Flixbus. We advise you to take the bus to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. Or Toulouse Center. You can then travel the last part with the people who come by plane (and rent a car).

We advise you to contact the bus company to determine the route. The Flixbus departs several times a day to various cities in Europe.


Vind jouw busorganisatie hier (diverse aanbieders)>

Meer over de Flixbus>

Are you coming by car? Then someone will probably want to travel with you. When booking you can indicate whether you are going by car and whether you want to carpool. This way you share the travel costs together. We bring all fellow travelers in contact with each other.

If you participate in a retreat, the e-mail will state what time you are welcome at Terra Nova.

Het adres is:

Domaine Denis 11270 Saint Gauderic France

If you travel by plane, we recommend arriving at Toulouse around 4 pm. You then have the time to pick up your rental car to go to the location. This is usually available from 7 pm.

You can also easily rent a car from the airport. Terra Nova is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Toulouse.

Remember to also take out travel and cancellation insurance.

If you choose another flight or fly to another airport, you must arrange the transfer yourself. There are cheap flights from Charlerois to Carcassonne. See below the tip for the taxi.

A taxi from, for example, the other airport Carcassonne or via Bram Station to Terra Nova is possible. Here are some suggestions:

– Taxi Carcasonne (+33-4687150500)

– Taxi Bram, Aaron Lauragais (+33-680878681)

– Taxi Bram, Raynaud Claude (+33-979196844)