Everything you need to know

“Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”

Dalai Lama


Terra Nova can be reached in various ways. The fastest is probably the plane, but we encourage our participants to ride together in the car or to come by train. This is better for the environment and fun too!

Terra Nova is easily accessible by train. There are several train stations nearby. Like in the places Carcassonne and Bram. You can book train tickets via the following websites. You can get to Terra Nova yourself from the train station by taking a taxi. When you travel to Bram, it is useful if you arrange the taxi in advance. These are not at the station.




Terra Nova can also be reached by bus. You can travel to Toulouse by Flixbus. We advise you to take the bus to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. Or Toulouse Center. You can then travel the last part with the people who come by plane (and rent a car).

We advise you to contact the bus company to determine the route. The Flixbus departs several times a day to various cities in Europe.

Vind jouw busorganisatie hier (diverse aanbieders)

Another option is to travel to Toulouse Airport. You can then travel the last part with the participants who come by plane and rent a car there. You can discuss this in advance in the app group that is always started.

If you travel by plane, we recommend arriving at Toulouse around 4 pm. You then have the time to pick up your rental car to go to the location. Terra Nova is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from Toulouse.

Remember to also take out travel and cancellation insurance.

Sometimes cheap flights from Charlerois to Carcassonne can be booked. See below the tip for the taxi.

– Taxi Carcasonne (+33-4687150500)

– Taxi Bram, Aaron Lauragais (+33-680878681)

– Taxi Bram, Raynaud Claude (+33-979196844)

Your stay with us


The first reason that a group app is created is to get acquainted with each other before the retreat starts and to coordinate to possibly. to travel together to Terra Nova. We certainly encourage carpooling.


After the retreat, the app group forms your bed for the transition to your daily life. After all, you have made a magical journey within yourself with this group of people and you can therefore support each other excellently.

The WhatsApp group will be started approximately 4 weeks before the start of the retreat, provided you have given permission via the registration form.

The arrival time of the retreat is Monday from 5 p.m., unless otherwise indicated at the relevant retreat on the website.

Departure time of the retreat is Saturday at the latest 10:00 AM, unless otherwise stated at the relevant retreat on the website.

You can arrive at Terra Nova from 5 pm, after which a delicious dinner will be ready at 7 pm. At 8 p.m. there will be a closer acquaintance with the group. Unless otherwise indicated at the retreat on the website.

It is not possible to arrive earlier on or before the arrival day - not even 10 minutes - so that our team has all the time to prepare everything for your retreat. We often have quick substitutions, so the team needs all the time to get everything ready again.

It is not possible to extend your stay on Terra Nova. The latest departure time is 10:00 AM, unless otherwise indicated in the retreat. The next group will be on the doorstep on Monday.


Unfortunately, the facilities currently do not allow electric cars to be charged. Terra Nova is located in a remote area in the South of France. We therefore recommend that you arrive at Terra Nova fully loaded.

Can I bring my dog

It is not possible to bring your dog (or any other animal) to Terra Nova. Two dogs live there, Nova and Ziza, and it's not nice for them if other animals keep coming into their property. It can also be restless for fellow retreat-goers.


It is not possible to visit or stay overnight at Terra Nova outside the retreats. If you would still like to take a look at our beautiful center and beautiful nature, we would like to refer you to our agenda. Perhaps there is a suitable retreat for you to participate in. www.terranova.center/agenda/

It is not possible to visit or stay overnight at Terra Nova outside the retreats. If you would still like to take a look at our beautiful center and beautiful nature, we would like to refer you to our agenda. Perhaps there is a suitable retreat for you to participate in. www.terranova.center/agenda/

If you want to come with a small camper, we can discuss what is possible. The ground on and around the site is soft, so there is little room for cameras. Large motorhomes cannot be placed.

During the retreat your journey will be monitored and guarded by the guides. By sending information in advance, we know what your request for help is and how we can optimally facilitate you in your process.

In consultation it is possible to pay in installments, provided that the last payment has been credited to our account at least 14 days before the start of the retreat. Feel free to contact us to discuss the options that suit you.

It is certainly possible to be placed on a waiting list. Send an email to info@terranova.center< span style="font-weight: 400;"> with reference to the relevant retreat. In order of receipt of mail, contact will be made in the event of a failure.

We have a limited number of 1-person rooms available per retriate and these are arranged in order of registration. A surcharge will be charged for this on the invoice. If there is no longer a single room available, this will not be stated on the invoice. In the unlikely event that a single room becomes available, you will receive an email about this and a separate invoice for the surcharge.

Terra Nova's kitchen uses plant-based cooking with vegetarian options such as cheeses and eggs. We cook as organically and naturally as possible. The way of preparation, the variety and the ingredients mean that even the biggest meat eaters will not miss the meat.

Yes there is a training room with various sports equipment and weights. The region is suitable for walking, running and there is a swimming pool.

The beds are made on arrival and 2 towels are provided. These are for use in the bathroom only. If you want to go swimming or enjoy the sun outside, bring your own bath towel.