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Robert & Monique

Terra Nova Center about. We live here with our three sons, our team and our dogs, cat and horses. The center was founded in the year 2000 by Jeroen Koning. Jeroen built Terra Nova as a transformation and deepening center and was looking for a young and dynamic couple to continue it. When we took over from him, we said to each other: “We are buying Terra Nova to share it with as many people as possible.” And that goes well! About five hundred people find their way to our retreats and masterclasses every year.

Everything we do on Terra Nova contributes to the New Earth. To the new human consciousness of love, wisdom and compassion. The Aquarian Age of Giving and Sharing. Here you will meet others who are in the same process as you. Here you make contact with the invisible world and above all here you make contact with all parts of yourself. The lightworkers at Terra Nova maintain a protected field of love within which you can be who you are. Who you really are. Apart from the identification with conditioning, authentic and spiritual and with both feet on the ground. Terra Nova is the place where you can be yourself. Your spiritual and personal growth and your self-realization are paramount.

Here you can connect with yourself and with like-minded people during your stay. A safe haven, in the middle of the beautiful nature under the Pyrenees, for everyone involved in the development of consciousness. We look forward to meeting you!

For the good of all.

“The hope for humanity is the transformation of the individual.”

Robert & Monique