Ambassadors of Terra Nova

Yvonne Toeset

Yvonne Toeset is a certified EFT-practitioner and EFT Master Trainer. She coaches people to reach an emotionally balanced state of being. Through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) she focuses on the release of fears, stress, limiting beliefs and physical complaints. Her private practice in Amsterdam is frequently visited by clients from all over The Netherlands as well as from abroad.

Yvonne is regarded as the EFT-expert in The Netherlands. She teaches the complete EFT programme to psychologists, coaches, therapists and other professional mentors.

Yvonne wrote three books on EFT (available in Dutch only): Innerlijke rust met EFT, EFT Werkt!, en Stressmanagement met EFT. The Fall of 2019 will see the birth of EFT for teenagers. She is also currently working on EFT for toddlers.


Yvonne: “Terra Nova offers you peace. Robert and Monique are the pillars of Terra Nova that allow you to fully come to life.”

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Miro Kloosterman

Miro Kloosterman is actor, male model and Health Coach. His search to be the best version of himself started in Australia, at the age of 21. The decisive moment for him to start his quest was buying and reading Health = Energy. It was then that he first started to eat more consciously, to take up breathing practices as well as meditation. Ever since, he has continued delving into life and all its facets. A never ending story. Similar to life itself, unending.


Miro: “Terra Nova Center is a marvellous place to recharge yourself and do some self-work. All the help you need, is provided for. It was a special experience, after all those years of trying to find ways and means, to finally touch upon the very roots of grief and misunderstanding. Many thanks, Robert, Monique and the team!”

Michael Pilarczyk en Cindy Koeman

In school we are taught all about math and grammar, but what about subjects such as personal and business success, mindfitness, health, communication skills, meditation, meaning and awareness, in short: the art of living. That is why we founded the Mastermind Academy. We organise live events, we offer online programmes, we developed the Meditation Moments-app and we published several books on personal development and consciousness.

We are here to create a more loving and peaceful world by helping people to become happy and successful in what they really love doing. What we give you is the insight to become the best version of you, so that you can achieve your goals and realise your dreams. We are convinced that together we can co-create more awareness and tolerance and at the same time experience more fun, love, happiness and personal success.


It is our mission to share knowledge, wisdom and experiences and to inspire others.
We are Michael Pilarczyk and Cindy Koeman. Our motto: Live your most beautiful life!


Terra Nova: We believe that Robert is a great teacher. Robert and Monique have turned Terra Nova into a wonderful place that enables people to come back to themselves and to some very valuable insights.

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Ans Tros

My name is Ans Tros; I am one of the pioneers in training courses for coaches.

Through my company SchoolvoorCoaching I established contact with Robert and Monique.

They are going to realise their dream with Terra Nova: a place for retreats and for all those who want to live out their true selves and who want to come home to themselves to create the new earth. We support that goal wholeheartedly. To this end Terra Nova provides a great foundation. One immediately feels at home, right at the heart of nature itself and close to the Pyrenees. It offers comfortable accommodation and delicious meals. Truly a place where you can land within your own being, enjoy the outdoors and continuously enrich your Self.

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Davy & Denise (founders of LIGHTWORKERS The Netherlands)

Lichtwerkers Nederland is much like a school campus for the awakening and evolving person. Its purpose is to enjoy the creative expression of lightworkers who are each in their own unique way a lighthouse and who would like to illuminate your path with and from their love. We organise wonderful events with extraordinary people. We also coach on a one-on-one base or during retreats to guide our fellow humans toward a more fulfilled life.
We believe that conscious products are part of that way of living and so we offer them on our website. We enjoy and celebrate life and love reminding all that this is within everyone’s reach.

“We see a great many spiritual providers and we like to distinguish two groups/levels of development. Some of them offer their services as a means to enrich themselves and to be seen; or they see the other as needy. Others have evolved beyond a defining moment of time and support their fellow humans from a place of unity; they are aware of their shared oneness, connecting with All. It is precisely this last group that is the natural habitat for Robert and Monique. This is due to their openness and their willingness for continuous development which empowers them to a state of readiness and which stems from a compassionate sense of humbleness for their fellow humans. We are most honoured to be ambassadors of the rising star that is Terra Nova.”

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