with Robert, Twan en Sandra

(21 T/M 26 NOVEMBER 2022) - FRANCE | 6 Days | €1.395,00 INCL. VAT

At the end of this retreat, your life will have changed!

Go deep with this retreat. The retreat is led by Sandra Baaijens and Twan van den Heuvel. They guide you and the group. Robert Bridgeman takes you through his method at carefully chosen moments this week. Together they create a special inner journey for you.

A week in which you can transform yourself to a deep layer. A week in which you can experience a major breakthrough in your life. Clean up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so that space is created for who you really are and so that you can continue to grow and develop on every level. Are you ready for the next step?

In a group you will connect here on Terra Nova and get to work with yourself. You will experience how particularly powerful it is to open your personal process and what you want to work on in the energy of the group.

It doesn't matter what your problem is or what your intention is. Whether it is deep-seated trauma or whether you are 'just' stuck at a certain point in your life. We give you the opportunity to get to the heart of what is holding you back in your daily life.

This retreat is for you when you feel or know that it is time to say goodbye to old behaviors and take a new or next step in your life.

You will see through and feel how your inner power manifests itself and how to experience, shift and heal it in the most optimal way for you.

We will work on the relationship you have with yourself. Because the healthier the relationship with yourself, the stronger your foundation of all the relationships you enter into with others. Whether that is a partner, friend, child, parent, or family.

During this retreat there are 5 important elements:

  1. Raising your vibration and raising your consciousness to the highest possible level
  2. Working on letting go of old hurts and obstacles from your past
  3. Understanding and gaining clarity about who you essentially are and what you want
  4. Learn to deal with energies of yourself and of others
  5. Experience the power and connection of a group

The program starts with our morning routine which consists of meditation and practice. These two starters of your day provide a moment of turning inward and connecting with your body and breath. These are essential for your process. The practice and meditation are provided by one of our experienced team members. This lays the foundation for the sessions that follow during the rest of the day. After the practice and meditation we have breakfast together and then we start with the morning session.

In that morning session, the energy of the group takes us to opening that which may be seen in you. Through various transformative (coaching) techniques such as regression & reincarnation therapy, the high vibration of Terra Nova and the power of the group, we give you the opportunity to see and solve behavior and patterns.

During the week many group processes take place in which space is also created for a number of individual sessions. Both the group sessions and the individual sessions are extremely educational for all those present. We experience that a group never just comes together. In every session that occurs there is something that you can use in your process or in which you feel that you can be there for someone else.

We have lunch together and after lunch you have room to relax, walk and get to know each other. You can also retreat to the garden or relax by the pool or the beautiful natural lake. The afternoon program is similar to the morning. You will again observe and experience magical processes in the people around you here. After dinner there is an evening program on Wednesday evening and a lovely sauna evening at the end of the week, after which you can enjoy your well-deserved rest.

The meals are super healthy, vegetarian and delicious. They contribute to the transformation process. By optimally using plant-based foods, your body cleans up and you get exactly the right nutrients. Of course we take into account all dietary requirements.

About Sandra

In recent years, Sandra has deepened and gained expertise in various disciplines in order to be able to fulfill her mission as well as possible: the development of her clients and students to their own essence.

Master Your Joy is her motto: authentic joie de vivre as a primal force. Her own awakening was her burnout: it opened her eyes and showed her that the only way out is the way in. In addition to Hatha Yoga teacher at Pure Yoga, she has completed the meditation trainer training, the Mystery School and the Transformation Coach training within Bridgeman. In her practice, her clients follow the Lighter Life program, workshops on Inner Child healing and of course intuitive transformation sessions.

About Twan

Twan is an ultimate booster and knows exactly what it takes to get you or a group of people moving or getting in touch with each other.  "Remembering who we are by nature." Whenever possible, he does so with a good dose of humor. His playful energy makes the obstacles on the way to (permanent) contact with yourself a lot lighter and easier to overcome.

'Empowering people', we hear it (too) often. Yet that is exactly what happens when you start working with Twan. The starting point is: the power is already there, the power is present in you. He helps you become aware of your inner battles and lets you experience how you can live in a different, often lighter way.

Twan radiates love for himself, his fellow man and nature. He likes to let others enjoy his boundless energy and challenges you to get the most out of it!

Specialisation: Transformative coach, lighter life coach, breath and exercise trainer.

About Robert

Robert Bridgeman is a modern mystic, healer, speaker, author and lightworker. He has been researching traditional mystical currents for 12 years now. Not only from books and knowledge, but also by immersing oneself in the traditions and methods. Robert lived for two years in Asia, where he immersed himself in the many branches of Buddhism.

He meditated with meditation masters in monasteries and centers in India, Vietnam, Nepal and Thailand. And learned from Native American peoples from North America. For eight years he was apprenticed to various shamans, mediums and healers. For a year and a half he studied with an energy healer in Thailand and 10 years with various teachers and as his Kabbalah teacher Koos Ris, his Buddhist meditation teacher Dingeman Boot and with the English Sourcerer Altazar Rossiter. He also specialized in EFT, hypnosis, trance, breathing techniques, meditation and countless other modern transformation methods.

Robert combines these millennia-old traditions with modern neuroscience and direct information from the Source. Always with both feet on the ground and lives and works at Terra Nova in France.

After this retreat

  • Is your life never the same
  • Have you lost a lot of old thoughts, behavior, feelings, traumas, blockages, pain and fears
  • Are you full of insights and new ideas about your life
  • Can you take the next steps in your life that you need with great clarity
  • You are confident, you have a radiant smile and your eyes are shining again

Investment in yourself

This exclusive retreat has a value of €1,395.00 incl. VAT.  We advise our participants to carpool with each other. Participants will be brought into contact with each other in a timely manner.

There are a few single rooms. This room can be booked at an additional cost of €175.  This is based on availability only. The room layout is in order of arrival.

NB: Are you pregnant? Then it is unfortunately not possible to participate in this transformation retreat

Do you have any questions? Then mail to


  • 5 profound life-changing days including personal transformation processes.
  • We work collectively on Universal themes that play in the group, in which everyone transforms their own personal pieces.
  • Daily guided morning meditation and practice.
  • In-depth and connecting conversations with your fellow retreat guests.
  • Delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also coffee, tea and juice.
  • 5 nights at Terra Nova.
  • Sheets and two towels.
  • Relaxing sauna evening.
  • Dipping in the clear natural lake of Terra Nova.
  • Lovely walking in the beautiful surroundings.
  • Note: before the retreat you will fill in a questionnaire to discuss which issues you want to bring up that you want to work on.


Terra Nova can be reached in several ways but most people come by car and carpool this way. This is better for the environment and fun too! This can be very easily coordinated in the contact that is set up in advance to connect with each other and to get to know each other a bit.

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Note: It is not possible to arrive at Terra Nova earlier than 5:00 PM. The entrance gate of Terra Nova is closed until then, because the team is preparing your arrival with great love. Would you rather travel in this direction? Then we ask you to book a location nearby. Are you traveling by car and the journey is so smooth that you arrive earlier? Then you can drink a delicious cup of coffee or tea in the beautiful town of Mirepoix

Hans Siepman - Rabobank – team manager

A retreat on Terra Nova cannot really be summed up in words. A warm bond quickly develops with a group of people you barely know at the beginning. After 1 day you feel as if you have known each other for years. What a wonderful group of people. So much connection, recognition of themes and solidarity. A beautiful environment with a palpable mystical energy. Robert Bridgeman has helped me to let go of old pain points to get even closer to my authentic self. A retreat on Terra Nova is a must for anyone who is looking for what blocks him/her!

Vlada Lisinenko - Owner of Vlada Visuals

Learned and experienced a lot on this special adventure with this great group.

Wow… I already knew the work of Robert Bridgeman. Yet now I have been touched even more deeply how he does it and what magically a lot is possible in such a short time.

Seeing transformations happen before your eyes is also an enormous inspiration in making the world more beautiful, more loving and happier.

Deep bow to Robert!