(7 T/M 12 NOVEMBER 2022) - FRANCE | 5 NIGHTS | €1.775,00 INCL. VAT

Do you have the need to be close to yourself and to live from who you are deep down? Do you want to live a lighter life and (re)discover the course of your life path?  

Breathing into the soul purifies you. You let go of the old, go to the essence of who you are and what concerns you and discover new parts in yourself. At the end of this magical week you will experience a deep relaxation. You feel free, clear and connected to your deep intuition. You take a full toolbox with you to continue the process at home.

Breathe anchors, breath heals, breath liberates

Breath removes stimuli and brings inner peace. Breathing naturally brings you in touch with your authentic self. Firm grounding is a precondition for stability and inner peace. From there, breath can help you discharge and get rid of tensions and old emotions. Subtle breath patterns are a way to perceive the refined energy of your higher consciousness and connect with guidance from the cosmos. Breath gives you access to hidden spaces in yourself and new ways on your life path.

About Marleen

If you have worked with Marleen before, you know that she goes straight to the essence with her own, original techniques.

Her working style is light and graceful. Marleen developed the Better Breathing® method as a complete transformation and healing method. It is a highway to inner peace and self-realization. She is an experience expert and knows how to link work with your daily life.

After 25 years in the profession, Marleen has not only trained thousands of people in the Better Breathing® method, guided hundreds of people in retreats, but also trained over a hundred professionals as breath trainers and coaches.

Marleen's retreats always have an exclusive character. The limited group size allows everyone to get personal attention every day. Individual interactions with Marleen provide extra insight and depth to the process.

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  • Do you run into yourself?
  • Do you have the feeling that there is more in you than comes out?
  • Don't really know what you want anymore?
  • Are you ready for a new period in your life?
  • Do you want to feel who you really are and what you mean in this life?
  • Do you long for more breathing space and inner peace and freedom?

Then this retreat is made for you. The body never lies and will unfold everything you need for your next step in your development and your life.

Prepare well for this retreat and book a Better Breathing® Basic Training. You immediately experience the powerful effect. Click here for the basic training

Carin about this Breath Retreat

“The retreat is an inner gift that I carry with me”

Rinske about this breathing retreat

“There is a life before and a life after this retreat.”