(12 T/M 17 DECEMBER 2022) - FRANCE | 5 DAY | €2.499,00 INCL. VAT


Are you mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to make 2023 the best year ever, to make it a magical year despite what is happening in the world and an abundance of love, money, friendship, vitality coming your way? to call?


Are you aware of the laws of the quantum field to tune into the right frequencies of love, abundance and well-being? Do you know how to send intentions out into the cosmos at maximum intensity without a noise that weakens or sabotage your intention?


Are you aware of your added value in this time of chaos, hyperinflation, unrest and possible lockdowns? Do you know how to make your light shine even brighter to make the difference the world needs to get out of these dark times?

Resonance of the heart

If what you read creates a resonance, the Masterclass “Breakthrough to Abundance” is your next step to make 2023 the best year ever. Creating abundance starts with the right intention. December is traditionally the time to round out your year and get ready for the new year.

The first step is evaluation

What works optimally and what needs to be changed? What beliefs are blocking your best intentions? What do you need to adjust to your mindset, vision, beliefs to make quantum leaps to your dream life?

The second step is breaking & let go

Eliminating what doesn't work and what needs to be renewed is the precondition for building something new that is many times better than the old, Just like a snake changes its skin it's time to shed your old personality in step into a Quantum version of yourself.

The 3rd step is Magic

Do you want more of the old or do you want to step into the magic of quantum thinking and quantum laws? To create magic for the new year it is important to start with the right intention, mindset and vision.

The 3rd step is Magic

Do you want more of the old or do you want to step into the magic of quantum thinking and quantum laws? To create magic for the new year it is important to start with the right intention, mindset and vision.

The breakthrough

What better way to do that than as many as seven ACTIVATIONS in a week (see below), at least five QUANTUM JUMP MEDITATIONS, two deep TRANSFORMATION BREAKTHROUGH BREATHMSESSIONS, lessons in effortless manifesting with the QUANTUM LAWS and a deeply penetrating INITIATION?

Initiation by 3 masters

Are you ready to step through the portal to the life you were born for? Roy Martina, Janosh and Robert Bridgeman join forces to give you everything you need to end the year in the best possible way. This is the chance of a lifetime to go in-depth with these three unique Teachers!

About Janosh

Janosh shows that the best of yourself is not what you learn, but what is in your genes. Working as a graphic designer in advertising and without any spiritual experience, he discovers in 2003 that he is clairvoyant. In a deep meditation, his potential is activated, after which Janosh is able to perceive energies overnight.

The most beautiful sightings are colorful geometric holograms, which Janosh begins to copy on his computer. This is his initiation into a life as an artist, which Janosh with his creative talents seems to have been born for. Synchronized with this process is the route to the original source, namely the mysterious phenomenon of crop circles. To his great surprise, Janosh has copied a number of formations exactly.

In addition to being a digital artist, Janosh is also a gifted healer. He has given thousands of private sessions, at home and abroad. In this he works together with his guides and applies his own technique to accelerate people to their spiritual core.

About Roy

Roy Martina is a holistic doctor with 40 years of experience, Inner Business Coach, an international bestselling author of 86 books, of which millions have been sold and gives workshops and training in the field of personal development, practical spirituality, vitality and self-healing (Mind Body Medicine) He is the founder of Omega Heling and NEI (Neuro-Emotional Integration).

He has trained more than 300,000 people worldwide including doctors, professors, athletes, therapists, coaches, freelancers and managers in his specially developed effective therapies such as RAPID (Allergy Treatment) Neuro-Emotional Integration (Therapy for Emotional Traumas) and INTEGRA (Integrated Alternative Medicine). He is also 8th degree black belt Grandmaster of martial arts (Martial arts) and holds 3 world records and his passion is fitness with Russian Kettlebells. He is married to Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist, Philanthropist, Best selling author of 8 books and founder of the Christallin Oracle Training. They regularly give international workshops together with live streaming all over the world. They live with their daughter Grace in Asheville North Carolina (USA), in the Appalachian Mountains. Joy does a lot of work to give children in Africa and their mothers a better life.

About Robert

Robert Bridgeman is a modern mystic, healer, speaker, author and lightworker. He has been researching traditional mystical currents for 12 years now. Not only from books and knowledge, but also by immersing oneself in the traditions and methods. Robert lived for two years in Asia, where he immersed himself in the many branches of Buddhism.

He meditated with meditation masters in monasteries and centers in India, Vietnam, Nepal and Thailand. And learned from Native American peoples from North America. For eight years he was apprenticed to various shamans, mediums and healers. For a year and a half he studied with an energy healer in Thailand and 10 years with various teachers and as his Kabbalah teacher Koos Ris, his Buddhist meditation teacher Dingeman Boot and with the English Sourcerer Altazar Rossiter. He also specialized in EFT, hypnosis, trance, breathing techniques, meditation and countless other modern transformation methods.

Robert combines these millennia-old traditions with modern neuroscience and direct information from the Source. Always with both feet on the ground and lives and works at Terra Nova in France.


Terra Nova Center is located in the mystical Cathar country. Miracles can happen here because of the extremely high vibration of the site and the unique copper pyramid. What takes months elsewhere can be done in a week here. That is why Roy, Robert and Janosh choose this location for the Breakthrough to Abundance.

Celebration of the life we are meant to live - The law of trinity

You can imagine that a week with these three teachers will bring the absolute pinnacle of a spiritual experience. And that they are happy to share this wisdom and experience with you. It is a 5 Dimensional party of healing, fun and integration at the deepest levels, the game of synergy from 3 angles.

The joyous initiation

This party should therefore be celebrated. Not only with super tasty (vegetarian) food, but also with initiations, meditations, activations, quantum journeys, transformation sessions and much more. And you can celebrate! Register now for this retreat, because the interest is high.


You can choose to experience one of these weeks and you can also challenge yourself to really go ALL THE WAY and take both weeks in a row. Then you will be there from 5 to 17 December!


  • You want to get the most out of 2023 and want to go deeper than ever before
  • You want to experience breakthrough after breakthrough
  • You know that each group has a different resonance that allows even more of your soul and subconscious to come up for transformation.
  • You want to go deeper because you know that something big is ahead of you and you want to give everything to get the most out of it.
  • You have outdone yourself and you need a reset for mind and body.
  • You want to become 100% Burnout proof by learning to respect the quantum laws and use them for maximum success.
  • You have big dreams and want to tap into a much deeper layer.
  • You know that when you've done a week you are 100% open to go to even deeper layers.
  • You feel that something big is calling you and you want to be 100% ready.
  • You've worked hard for a year and you're doing well, but you know you want to effortlessly and break all the old patterns of how you work.
  • You just need Time-Out to fully recover from giving too much of yourself.
  • 7 in-depth Activations from Janosh to bring yourself back in line with your essence.
  • Two profound life-changing transformation breathing sessions from Robert to dissolve your blockages.
  • Sessions quantum jumping and effortlessly manifesting Roy so that abundance flows into your life from now on.
  • Five morning meditations with movement, breath and stillness.
  • We collectively work on universal themes that play out in the group, in which everyone transforms their own personal pieces.
  • Lots of in-depth and connecting conversations with your fellow retreat guests.
  • During the retreat, vegetarian breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack & dinner are included every day. Also coffee, water, tea and juice.
  • 5 nights at Terra Nova.
  • Sheets and two towels.


Terra Nova can be reached in various ways. The fastest is perhaps the plane, but we encourage our participants to ride together or come by train. This is better for the environment and fun too!

When registering for a retreat, the question is asked how a participant wants to travel to Terra Nova. There you can indicate whether someone comes by car, wants to drive, comes by train or by plane. When someone indicates that they want to travel together, we ensure that other participants can be contacted so that the carpool can be coordinated.

View our travel tips here>

Please note: it is not possible to arrive at the location earlier than 5 pm. If you want to go earlier, we advise you to book a location in the area.

We advise you to take out travel and cancellation insurance.

You will receive 14 ACTIVATIONS, 4 in-depth TRANSFORMATION BREAKTHROUGH BREATHING SESSIONS, 10 QUANTUM JUMP MEDITATIONS, countless manifestation lessons with the QUANTUM LAWS and two deep-acting INITIATIONS. All live!


You get your Saturday, Sunday and Monday as extra RESET days to enjoy Terra Nova, network, self-reflection and chill. You will receive the food, drinks and accommodation of those days from us as a gift and a nice discount. You will also receive a 15-minute boost session from one of the teachers.