About Terra Nova

Terra Nova symbolises the free world; in the heart of the land of the ancient Celts and Cathars and at the foot of the Pyrenees.

An energy site where it is safe to awaken and to grow. We live and work in harmony with the earth, with nature and with the energies of ancient tribes


Harmony and gentleness enable you to find the space you need to expand and deepen your awareness, to transform yourself and to enlighten your life. All the while with both feet on the ground and without becoming too lofty.

The energy of the place, the retreats and the Terra Nova team will guarantee that you take a leap forward into your process of awakening, both as human being and as lightworker.


All that we do here at Terra Nova is contributing toward the New Earth. Toward the new human awareness of love, wisdom and compassion. Toward the Age of Aquarius of giving and sharing. You will meet kindred spirits at Terra Nova who are in similar processes as you yourself. Here is where you can come into contact with the unseen world and most of all with all layers within yourself. The lightworkers of Terra Nova know how to hold the space filled with the love you need to be your own self completely. To be who you truly are. Regardless of any identification with conditioning; to be authentic and spiritual and with both feet on the ground.

Terra Nova is the place where you can be completely you. Your spiritual and personal growth as well as your self-realisation are our key priority.

Here is where you can connect with yourself and with like-minded people during your stay. A safe haven. Amidst beautiful natural surroundings at the heart of the Pyrenees, intended for all those who are engaged in the development of awareness.


We are looking forward to meeting you!

For the good of all,

With love,

Robert & Monique


Terra Nova is a sanctuary for lightworkers and the awakening among us. We welcome you wholeheartedly. Whether you are joining us for a transformation process, for further reflection, to work with us, to organise or take part in a retreat, or to enjoy the higher vibration and pure energy of the land of the Cathars: those that came here before you describe Terra Nova as coming home, recharging your battery, safe and secure. As if you are outside of the matrix, connected with nature and with other lightworkers. Together for humanity and for the earth. Filled with harmony and with a deep connection with Mother Earth. A place to work at your spiritual development. We welcome all people, regardless of age, ethnicity, background or social status.


Here at Terra Nova everything is catered to your wellbeing. The food you take is biological and vegetarian. The indoor gym provides for sports facilities, while both the natural lake and the open-air pool enable you to go for a swim. Relax in our sauna or follow the trails of the magical land of the Cathars that envelop the Center.

The GR7 to Santiago de Compostella passes by Terra Nova as well.

Deel dit!