Holy Grail Retreat with Janosh en Robert (international) 14 – 19 february 2022

14 feb
France Terra Nova Center

6 days

€1.799 inc. VAT Inschrijven!

A secret, as old as mankind, is hidden in our hearts. Only those of us who dare to make the journey inward will discover what cannot be found outside ourselves: the essence of our existence. The Holy Grail within you.

Six days in which you bring your vibration to a higher level, heal some deep wounds, and connect to who you are essentially. Together with a fantastic group of like-minded people and two special teachers. In one of the most sacred areas in the world.

This is an international retreat. The retreat instruction is in English. There is a Spanish interpreter present.


Janosh and Robert Bridgeman will take you on a journey together in the mystical Cathar region. A midweek retreat filled with healing, meditations, activations, mystical caves, and initiations. Discover how Sacred Geometry lifts you up and how it can change your life if you just embrace it like our ancestors did. In ancient cultures this universal “language” was used for various rituals and initiations. Why? Because behind Sacred Geometry lies hidden the secret of creation. It puts us in touch with who we really are.

Allow yourself to be inspired for six days by the unique combination of Janosh and Robert on a magical location. Experience Janosh’s geometric ‘DNA codes’, which penetrate deep into the subconscious. Learn how you can contribute to your own evolutionary process and how (through active meditation) you are able to connect with your ‘Holy Grail’. Allow yourself the full effect of Robert’s in-depth transformation sessions during five days. Where karmic wounds and old pains dissolve and transmute into love. The base camp is Terra Nova Center, the New Earth. Right at the foot of the French Pyrenees. You could not wish for a better location for this magical week. The activations of Janosh and the healing sessions with both men will take place on Terra Nova. Starting from the beautiful center we will enter Cathar Country to visit sacred caves where we will experience ceremonies and in-depth sessions.


The codes that Janosh designs have a mind-expanding effect. They help you to clear old emotions and programmes and activate the ‘dormant’ part of your DNA. Each code has its own energy frequency. Such as Passion, Self-confidence, Self-esteem, and Authenticity. By connecting to these frequencies, your thought patterns change. This is how you accelerate your spiritual growth and ascension to a higher consciousness. You will experience more love, joy and freedom in your life. In addition, you might be reminded of your spiritual mission and the gifts you have been given, as it was the case for Janosh. For it might be that you have this feeling that you could be doing more and that you might have something important to do here. Or perhaps you are still looking for who you are and what you want out of this life. Be assured that everything you need is already present and available within you. Activate your potential and follow your heart.

This combination of both geometry and sound frequencies: that is the ultimate experience that Janosh shares with you. While the code is built layer by layer, you listen to special accompanying music that makes the frequency sink in even deeper.


In the Pyrenees, deep in the Cathar region, there are several sacred caves that were already in use by the Tarusks (Celtic tribe) for their ceremonies and rituals. A thousand years ago the Cathars used those beautiful spaces to train and initiate their pure ones (purs). During this week we will visit the Bethlehem cave, where the Cathar holy men and women met the Holy Grail and received their initiation. And you too will find your own Holy Grail exactly in this cave.


Initiations have been around since time immemorial. Usually, it concerns a teacher who initiates a student in a certain field of frequency. The Cathars performed their initiation rite through the laying on of hands (The Consolamentum) and in that way passed on the Holy Spirit of the Christ Consciousness, in the same way that Jesus and Mary Magdalene did around the year 0. During this week you too will be initiated into the Christ Consciousness, not in the Cathar-tradition, but in Janosh’s and Robert’s own unique way.

About Janosh

Janosh shows you the best in yourself is not what you have been taught, but what is in your genes. Working as a graphic designer in advertising and without any experience in the field of spirituality, he discovered, in 2003, that he is telepathic. In a deep meditation his full potential is awakened, which from one day to the next enabled him to feel energies.

The most beautiful observations are the colorful geometric holograms, which Janosh begins to make on his computer. This is his initiation to a life as an artist, in which Janosh seems to be born for, with his creative talents. At the same time and synchronically with this process, the way is found to the original source, the mystical phenomena of crop circles. To his amazement Janosh has created many formations completely accurately.

Janosh is, as well as a digital artist, also an accomplished healer. He has given thousands of private sessions at home and abroad. In these he works together with his guides and uses his own techniques to bring people quickly to their own spiritual source.

About Robert

Robert Bridgeman is a modern-day mystic, healer, speaker, author and lightworker. He has been researching traditional mystical movements for 12 years now. Not only from books and knowledge, but also by immersing themselves in the traditions and methods. Robert lived in Asia for two years, where he immersed himself in the many branches of Buddhism.

He meditated with meditation masters in monasteries and centres in India, Vietnam, Nepal, and Thailand. And learned from Native American peoples. For thirteen years he was apprenticed to various shamans, mediums, and healers. He studied for a year and a half with an energy healer in Thailand and for 10 years with various teachers, such as his Kabbalah teacher Koos Ris, his Buddhist meditation teacher Dingeman Boot and with the English Sourcer Altazar Rossiter. He also specialized in EFT, hypnosis, trance, breathing techniques, meditation, and countless other modern transformation methods. He also immersed himself in Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism), shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, the Gnosis, and countless other movements.

Robert combines these millennia-old traditions with modern neuroscience and direct information from Source. Always with both feet on the ground.

Robert works and lives on Terra Nova.

Wereldbol Terra nova

“If you want to break free once and for all from that which is holding you back, if you want to use your potential even more and if you don’t shy away from the spiritual, this is your retreat. ‘


Arrival day is Monday at Terra Nova; the evening is meant to get to know each other. Every morning we start with yoga and meditation and a delicious breakfast. Tuesday is spent in the magical Terra Nova center for a full day of sessions and warm-up practices.
On Wednesday we will embark on an excursion to a magical location and on Thursday we go in depth again on Terra Nova. Friday will be the day we will spend at a holy place to undergo a Grail ceremony. Followed on Saturday by evaluation after which the journey home will take place.

During the retreat we serve meals that are super healthy, vegetarian, and incredibly tasty.


You may have noticed that this retreat is more expensive than the other retreats on Terra Nova. This is due to several reasons. The first is that Janosh and Robert give this retreat together and there is therefore a double teacher fee.

The second distinction follows from the excursions that are planned. This calls for more organization and more people. All in all, the cost of this retreat is considerably higher. You will find however, that this week’s rate is more than worth it.

Wereldbol Terra nova


During this week you will search for the Holy Grail within yourself through meditations, activations, initiations, protocols, energy sessions and ceremonies. Right where and who you are; the authentic you. We help you peel off a few layers so that the Grail may manifest within you.

Wereldbol Terra nova


This exclusive retreat has a value of €1.799 inclusive of VAT. This does not include the costs for the flight.

Date: 14 – 19 February 2022

Any questions left? Please contact us at info@terranova.center.

Wereldbol Terra nova


  • 6 profoundly life-changing days including personal transformation processes.
  • Collective work on universal themes that play a role in the group, in which everyone transforms their own personal pieces.
  • Daily guided meditation, Yoga, and activations
  • Short individual sessions
  • Many in-depth and connecting conversations with your fellow retreat guests.
  • During the retreat, vegetarian breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner are included daily. Also, water, tea and juice.
  • 5 nights at Terra Nova
  • Sheets and two towels
  • Note: prior to the retreat you will fill out a questionnaire to discuss which issues you want to bring up that you want to work on.


Terra Nova can be reached in several ways. The fastest is probably the plane, but we like to encourage our participants to drive together or come by train. This is better for the environment and fun too!

When registering for a retreat, the participant can indicate how he/she would like to travel to Terra Nova. It is at the discretion of the participant to decide whether they would like to drive themselves or carpool together, or travel by train or plane. When someone indicates that they want to travel together, we ensure that other participants can be contacted so that the carpool can be coordinated.

Please note it is not possible to arrive at the location earlier than 5  pm. Should you wish to travel down earlier, we advise you to book a location in the area.

We advise you to take out travel and cancellation insurance.

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